Chris "fool" McCraw's SupportFolio

I like to help. Lots of people like lots of things, but here I show you how I like to help, so you can see if you think you like my style. Check out some examples of my work and the results it brings

In my own words

Some of my better responses to customer questions, in context, from a community forum I helped out in while working at New Relic, and again in my current role at Netlify.

In my customers' words

Sometimes people bother to fill out those "was this support interaction useful?" surveys after a ticket closes. Here are a few choice excerpts.

In the world

I like to speak on support and giving good demos at conferences. I also occasionally write technical documentation and blog posts for my company. I've catalogued some of this work here.

Got a problem? Helping customers is my job and my #1 priority...but solving problems as part of a team goes far deeper than that: