Some of my better answers to customers, visible thanks to our public community forum (where support steps in to answer questions that need an expert's touch.)
  1. Guess we'll need a workaround

  2. Reality, possibility, and network security

  3. A leading answer to a vague question

  4. I'd like to monitor the entire world

  5. A little java can make your datastore usage more obvious

  6. But can you make it go slower?

  7. Actually, you can get there from here

  8. Howbout if I talk real slowly?

  9. We can make it black and white if that's what your boss wants...

  10. Unfortunately, it doesn't work quite like you'd expect...

  11. In which I do a convincing impression of 'sysadmin'

  12. A spoonful of humor helps the bug go down

  13. No. But maybe they can help you help yourself?